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Natural Surfaces is a niche market tile company, specializing in Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Terracotta, Slate, Porcelain, and Hand-made Ceramic Tiles. The business has been in existence for over fourteen years importing and distributing tiles.

Tile Shops, Builders, Shop Fitters, Interior Designers, Architects, Engineers, Specialist Tilers and Contractors use our services. We offer advise to the general public.

Our expertise extends into Steps, Skirting, Centre Pieces, Counter-tops, Vanity Units, Sinks, Dado Rails, Columns , Pudding Bowl Sinks etc in marble, limestone, travertine, or granite.

Rozmiar: 23398 bajtów

There’s a huge variety of natural stone out there, and it’s difficult to know what to go for ? That’s where we come in ! Having seen your dream Kitchen or Bathroom in a glossy magazine, we convert it into reality.

We offer a personalized service. You can take away samples, live with them for a couple of days, see them under the light of your own place. You can decide what works for you and what goes with the scheme of things.

If your worried about a tiler, we can offer you a list of those we consider craftsmen who have done this work before, or if you have your own tiler, we can advise him and show him what is involved .

Rozmiar: 23398 bajtów

You know, we don’t just supply you with crates of tiles ! We take them apart, examining each tile in the warehouse so as to achieve what is known in the industry, “Singularity of Tonality”. We advise the tiler what to use as good tiles, and what to use as cuts, so that you don’t get ugly tiles sticking up like a sore thumb in the middle of the floor.

If you are considering Under-floor Heating, we can advise you about the correct grout and adhesive to use. We can also advise you if it’s necessary to allow for expansion joints to compensate for the natural movement of the building which causes hair-line cracks.

Our tiles come in many different sizes, from large formats in squares and rectangles to the smaller mosaics. You can have various patterns of squares and rectangles known as “Opus Romano” or random size tiles.

So why not make an appointment to visit our warehouse or showroom to discuss your needs, give you an estimate, and let you know what’s involved from start to finish.

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