Cleaning Santa Ana and Catalan Terracotta

1. The Tiler will have waxed and shined the floor with Beeswax Polish before the floor is Completed.

2. Sweep the floor daily with a Sweeping Brush.

3. Buff over the surface with the Natural Surfaces Buffing Pad to bring up the satin shine.

4. The floor need only be waxed at Christmas and Easter or when there has been a lot of Foot traffic in the house

5. When you want to wash the floor rince a sponge mop in a bucket of warm water which Has been mixed with mild soap or Lux Flakes. Wipe the entire area, taking up the Surface dirt at the same time. Allow to dry. Wax the floor with natural Surfaces Beeswax. Use an old pillow for your knees. Do two courses of tiles at a time, not Forgetting the grout as well. Allow 10 minutes to harden. Shine over with the Shining Brush/Shoe Shine Brush/Deck Scrubbing Brush. The tiles will come up to a Satin Shine Repeat the same proceedure over the rest of the floor.

6 Many individuals and cleaners make the mistake of using Flash/Domestos and Industrial Detergents, which only remove the wax and cause the floor to stain. So make Sure you are aware that the strength of the detergent is to be the same as mild soap/Lux Flakes.

7. The kind of marks which occur on the tiles are scuff marks, chair marks, milk, tea, cooking oil, muck etc. As with clothes some marks will be found to be more stubborn Than others. Tackle the mark first with the Beeswax Polish. Apply to a cotton towel and Rub into the offending mark. Rub in a circular motion, until the dirt is removed from the Tile. Then wax the entire tile outwards to the edge. More stubborn spots can be removed With Natural Surfaces degreasing agent applied to the floor and rubbed with a cloth. The surface must be allowed to dry, re-waxed and shined afterwards. Its recommended Nylon Pads be put on the legs of Tables and Chairs to avoid scratches, and Plastic Cups On Castors

8. If the surface of the tile scratches, or is chipped by a falling object, the following Proceedure applies. Apply Boiled Linseed Oil or Brown Sealer to the spot and allow to Dry for an hour or two. Apply with a narrow paint brush like “Tipp-ex”. Then wax Over and shine.

9. In a commercial situation such as pubs or restaurants, waxing is recommended once A forthnight due to the density of the foot traffic. In this situation mechanical cleaning Machines , which washes and shines , is a lot quicker and less work in larger areas.

10. The overall look of the Terracotta Floor will have an aged appearance, with a matt to Satin shine as time goes on, giving a warm homely atmosphere.

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