Deep Cleaning and Rejuvination of Terracotta

1. Apply Degreasing Agent to the floor area, 1:3, agent to water. Apply with a 4" paint Brush, two tile courses at a time. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for the chemical to activate. Spatter with water should it dry out before the time has elapsed. Scrub the floor with A deck scrubbing brush vigorously. Mop up suds with towels or sponge mop. The Tiles will show patchy areas exposing the original surface of the tiles.

2. Repeat the proceedure for more stubborn spots which didn't come away the first Time.

3. Continue on to the next two courses of tiles.

4. The following day, apply Brown Sealer or Boiled Linseed Oil (Lighter) to the tiles And grout with a 4" Paint Brush. It should soak into the tiles after 5 minutes. Any wet area should be mopped up with cotton towels, so that the whole floor is matt and not glazed patches. Because the tile has reached saturation in the previous sealing process. The colour obtained now will be a half way house between it and the colour on the display boards.

5. The following day apply Beeswax Polish, leaving it to dry for 10 minutes before Shining with a Shoe Shine Brush.

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